Zahara Jolie-Pitt Thrilled with Mom Angelina’s Visit During College Homecoming, Insider Claims

Angelina Jolie, a loving mother, made sure not to miss her daughter’s Homecoming weekend at college. This visit meant a lot to Zahara Jolie-Pitt, an undergraduate student at Spelman. Despite her busy work schedule and ongoing issues with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, Jolie was thrilled to visit her daughter on the Atlanta campus in October. According to a source, Zahara was overjoyed to have her famous mother visit her during such an important time.

According to an inside source, Zahara was thrilled that her mother, Angelina Jolie, could visit her at school. Although Jolie had been to the campus before, this visit was special because it occurred during homecoming weekend and Zahara was eager to show her mom how she had adapted to her new surroundings and made new friends. The insider noted that Jolie had previously dropped Zahara off at college in August, but this visit was more meaningful as it allowed Zahara to share her experiences with her loving mother.

MEGA reports that Zahara had a unique experience during her homecoming celebration at college, as she has formed some incredible friendships and connections with other students in just a few short months. It was a joy for Zahara to have her mother by her side during this event. Although the Maleficent actress attempted to keep a low-profile during her visit, she was exceedingly friendly when approached by students, resulting in a pleasant surprise for everyone who wanted to meet and take photographs with her.

Thankfully, Zahara seems to be perfectly fine with the idea of sharing her well-known mother. According to an insider, the college student actually enjoys the fact that everyone loves her mom. Despite having parents who are considered VIPs, Zahara’s ability to live a normal life remains unimpeded. The source indicates that Zahara is grateful for not receiving any preferential treatment solely because of her family’s status, and that everyone has been incredibly welcoming towards her.

According to a source, Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara had a memorable weekend together. Zahara asked her mother to spend the entire weekend with her, which made Jolie feel honored. Jolie takes her role as a mom seriously, but as Zahara grows older, their relationship is evolving into a beautiful friendship. Jolie admires her daughter’s brilliance, and seeing her shine at school makes her proud. Hollywood Life also reported that Jolie and her daughter Shiloh attended a play in London’s West End and spent time with actor Paul Mescal after the show. This mother-daughter outing was exclusive, and Shiloh seemed interested in the conversation they had with the Normal People star, based on her smile.

Angelina Jolie and her daughter, Shiloh, were recently seen enjoying a night out at the theater. The Hollywood star looked stunning in a chic black coat, with her hair styled in pretty flowing waves. It seemed that Angelina was having a great conversation with an Irish actor who was keeping her engaged throughout the evening.

Despite her parents’ profession in acting, Shiloh has a love for dancing. She recently went to a theater and had a great time, but dancing is where her heart truly lies. One of her TikTok videos showcasing her exceptional dancing skills to Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” went viral in May 2022, leaving her followers in awe. Her other freestyle dancing videos also captured their attention and admiration.

At the debut of his latest flick, Bullet Train, in Los Angeles, Brad was pleasantly surprised by his oldest biological kid’s dance skills. The movie star was left wondering where she got the talent from but was overjoyed to witness her passion for something that made her happy. Brad couldn’t hold back his emotions and ended up shedding tears as he watched his daughter move. He even joked about being a terrible dancer himself.

In a previously published piece, the renowned artist and director expressed his delight in his children’s pursuit of their interests and their success in them. His offspring, specifically Shiloh, has shown an outstanding talent and passion for dancing, particularly in hip-hop and freestyle. Insiders have confirmed her remarkable ability and dedication to different dance styles, allowing her to connect with the beat, express herself without hesitation, and enjoy the present moment.

According to a source close to the family, Shiloh has an innate talent for quickly picking up dance routines, something that both Angelina and Brad greatly admire. The insider also revealed that Shiloh is an amazing dancer, and her parents couldn’t be more proud of her talent.

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