“Spreading Radiant Vibes: Miley Cyrus Dons a Braless Look in Yellow Crop Top and Leggings for a Lunch Outing”

During her childhood, Miley Cyrus was known as “Smiley” due to her frequent grinning. In a recent outing with Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of Flaming Lips, the 22-year-old singer proudly embraced her childhood nickname by donning a yellow outfit adorned with smiley faces. The video captures Miley looking ecstatic as she strolls along with Coyne in Los Angeles.

Happy-go-lucky: Miley Cyrus was rocking a smiley face-embellished crop top and trousers as she headed out for lunch in Los Angeles on Monday alongside Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne 

On Monday, Miley Cyrus was seen strolling around Los Angeles, sporting a cheerful ensemble that included a crop top and trousers decorated with smiley faces. The singer showed off her toned abs in the matching leggings, which were adorned with playful drawings of hearts, rainbows, and happy faces. For her lunch date with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, Miley opted to go braless. She rounded off her trendy look with white-framed sunglasses, a silver necklace, and a quirky banana-shaped shoulder bag.

On the same wavelength: The duo have bonded over their positive attitude to life and are in the process of making a seven-track EP together

Sharing a similar energy: This duo has bonded over their positive attitude towards life and are currently working together on creating a seven-track EP.

Svelte: Miley showed off her flat stomach in her yellow leggings and matching T-shirt

Miley showed off her well-toned stomach in a striking yellow outfit comprising leggings and a matching T-shirt. The pop icon and Wayne Coyne cemented their friendship by collaborating on a seven-song album, featuring their latest track, “Tiger Dreams.” Wayne, the renowned rockstar with his characteristic long locks, has welcomed Miley into his experimental band and commended her for her exceptional qualities. In an interview with The Independent, Wayne extolled Miley for fostering a positive atmosphere that values uniqueness rather than penalizing it.

Peace and love: Miley was in great spirits as she bounded through the parking lot 

Miley was in high spirits, hopping about the parking area and spreading positive vibes of harmony and affection.

She's bananas: The 22-year-old singer was toting a fruity shoulder bag, while Wayne jazzed up his suit with a few colourful flower pins

As reported, the youthful vocalist was spotted lugging a bag on her shoulder adorned with fruit patterns. Her companion, Wayne, spiced up his wardrobe by accessorizing with flower pins. Wayne disclosed that he relates to Miley’s music because she tackles challenging themes, like the difficulties faced by a gay 15-year-old who fears condemnation from their peers. He asserts that Miley expresses these ideas and feelings through her songs.

Cartoon-crazy: The doodles on Miley's outfit matched the inkings running down her arms

Musical connection: Wayne says he related to the tough subjects Miley tackles in her music

Miley has a great affection for animated shows, which is apparent from the cartoon illustrations on her apparel that flawlessly match the ink designs on her limbs.

They've got a 'spark': Wayne has opened up about his newfound friendship with the exuberant pop princess

Wayne has opened up about his newfound connection with the vivacious pop singer, and it’s clear that there’s a special chemistry between them.

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