Relaxing Poolside in Miami: Selena Gomez Takes a Break from her Boston Media Tour.

Selena Gomez is taking a breather in Miami, Florida amidst her album Stars Dance promotions. Despite having a tight schedule for her latest project, she was able to enjoy some rest and relaxation on Saturday.

Ready for a break: Selena Gomez arrived in Miami, Florida to great fanfare on Saturday as she wraps up a cross country promotional tour

After completing a promotional tour, Selena Gomez arrived in Miami, Florida on Saturday. She was accompanied by her bodyguard and was greeted by crowds at her hotel. Dressed in a comfortable olive green khaki coat, the former Disney star tied her long brown hair in a bun. She quickly changed into a bikini and covered up with a white linen dress before heading to the pool. The Spring Breakers actress kept it casual and relaxed throughout her arrival.

Time to tan: The youngster quickly changed after checking in and ran over to the pool

Now’s the perfect moment to soak up some sunshine! The child’s attitude changed instantly as he registered and rushed towards the swimming pool.

Lacy lady: The Love You Like a Love Song singer covered up in a flowing white gown

Lacy Lady, the artist behind the hit pop ballad “Love You Like a Love Song,” gave a stunning rendition of the track donning an ethereal white gown.

Poolside glamour: The Spring Breakers star revealed a tasteful bikini as she stepped out of her robe and onto a deck chair

A Spring Breakers actress was recently seen donning a stylish bikini as she relaxed on a deck chair, having traveled quite a distance to Boston the day before. During her visit, she made various stops on the radio circuit and even dined with friends at a Hooters restaurant. During an interview with Kiss FM 108, the singer of the hit “Come and Get It” shared snippets about what her fans can expect from her upcoming album. She expressed her excitement about having more creative control and input throughout the recording process, especially since she recorded over 24 songs for the album. Additionally, she revealed that the majority of the tracks have an upbeat dance theme.

Lounging in style: Selena made herself comfortable as she readjusted her bikini top

Selena made herself comfortable and adjusted her bikini top, ready for a relaxing time.

Getting toasty: The Wizards of Waverly Place actress clearly enjoyed her time in the sun

Getting cozy and relaxed: The female star of the TV show The Wizards of Waverly Place definitely enjoyed basking under the sunshine.

Smart sunbathing: Selena tied her long brunette locks into a top knot to stay cool in the searing Miami heat

Selena had a clever idea to beat the heat while lounging in Miami – she gathered her lengthy brown hair into a tidy top knot to stay comfortable in the blazing sun. In a recent InStyle magazine feature, the singer from Texas opened up about how her tumultuous romance with Justin Bieber has influenced her songwriting. She shared that her most intimate record on the album is a tender and heartfelt release, rather than a harsh or confrontational one that people might expect. Selena has confidence that Justin will appreciate the tune just as much as she does.

Feeling free: Selena ditched her sandals as she enjoyed a walk on the hot pavement

As she walked down the hot concrete, Selena took off her sandals and enjoyed the sensation of liberation.

Keeping her company: She brought along her bodyguard, who looked ready to enjoy some free time on his iPad

Keeping her business in check: She tagged along with her security personnel, who seemed ready to unwind with his iPad.

Cheery: Despite her hectic work schedule, the former Disney star kept a smile on

Cheery: Despite her hectic work schedule, the former Disney star kept a smile on

The ex-Disney star remained optimistic despite her hectic work schedule. Though her Canadian singer beau wasn’t present in Miami, she opened up about their efforts to make their relationship work this time around. She acknowledged the need to experience various emotions and go with the flow. The actress emphasized that she’s focused on her own path while he’s doing well too. She noted that you can’t control who you date and wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a reunion. She added that she’s young and breakups are a part of life.

Casual: The 20-year-old sported a casual look in minimal make-up and a hair up do

The young adult presented herself in a relaxed manner, with little to no makeup and an uncomplicated hairstyle.

Fresh faced: The 20-year-old was very cheery for having such an early morning call on Thursday, appearing on two radio shows in Boston

The young adult was filled with joy after receiving a phone call early on Thursday morning, and later appeared on two radio programs in Boston. His appearance was characterized by a bright and energetic demeanor, with a fresh and youthful appearance.

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