“Miley Cyrus’ Quirky Hospital Stay: Laughing with a Duck-Face Oxygen Mask and Postponed Bangerz Tour”

Despite her recent hospitalization, Miley Cyrus still knows how to keep things light-hearted. She posted a selfie on Instagram last Friday wearing an oxygen mask shaped like a duck-face. However, her fans may not be laughing for long as her Bangerz tour has been postponed until August.


Miley Cyrus found herself in the hospital due to a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic, but she still managed to keep her spirits up by posting a fun selfie wearing a duck oxygen mask on Friday. In her caption, she made a pun about the hospital staff being “quacks.” Despite trying to make light of her situation, the illness caused her to reschedule the remaining dates of her US tour. Cyrus also tweeted her frustration with having to wake up to needles. The antibiotic, cephalexin, was prescribed for her sinus infection but ended up causing the severe reaction.

Not happy: Miley hit out at her critics with a defensive tweet after sharing a photo of herself in bed on Thursday just after her rep announced in a statement the singer could be laid up for up to 27 days

Miley Cyrus faced criticism after posting a photo of herself in bed on Thursday, shortly after her representative announced that the singer might need to take a 27-day break due to a severe allergic reaction she suffered on April 15. The announcement was made on Miley’s website and stated that all remaining US dates on her Bangerz tour had been postponed, but existing tickets would be honored on the new dates, including previously cancelled and postponed shows. Although the US tour has been postponed, the European leg of the tour is set to begin on May 2 as scheduled.

Laid up: The 21-year-old, pictured last week performing in Washington DC, has cancelled more tour dates

The 21-year-old performer, who was recently seen in Washington DC, has cancelled several tour dates. In the meantime, she has been trying to dispel any rumors about her health that have been circulating. Miley Cyrus has not been happy with the gossip and took to Twitter to defend herself, telling detractors to stop scaring her loved ones and fans. She also shared an official statement from her representative about her health scare.

'I won't be released today': Cyrus, pictured in Washington DC in early April, apologised to fans

Miley Cyrus, the popular singer and actress, has been hospitalized due to a severe allergic reaction to cephalexin, an antibiotic that was prescribed to her for a sinus infection. Her representative stated that she could be in the hospital for up to 27 days and that she is “devastated” by the situation. Miley shared a photo from her hospital bed on Instagram, where she looked unhappy and expressed her longing for her Bangerz Tour and her late dog Floyd. The publicist added that Miley is under the doctor’s care and will remain hospitalized until there is an improvement in her condition. Fans are requested to give her privacy and compassion during this difficult time as she feels bad for letting them down.

Disappointing news: The 21-year-old revealed she has to skip her St Louis concert on Twitter on Wednesday

Unfortunate update: Miley Cyrus, the 21-year-old singer, has shared on Twitter that she won’t be able to perform at her concert in St. Louis. This news comes just a day after she had to cancel her Kansas City concert as well. Miley took to Twitter early morning to inform her fans about the change of plans. As per her tweet, she couldn’t get in touch with her team, and therefore, wanted to break the news herself – especially for those fans who were traveling to attend her concert. The reason behind the cancellation is that the hospital hasn’t released her yet, and she’s not in a state to make it to St. Louis. Miley seemed genuinely apologetic, saying that some things are beyond her control. In a previous tweet, Miley also responded to haters who claimed that she was happy about not performing.

Getting some rest: Miley shared a photo via Twitter from her hospital bed on Tuesday after cancelling her Kansas City performance

Miley Cyrus recently shared a photo on Twitter, lying in her hospital bed after cancelling her performance in Kansas City due to a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. She expressed her disappointment and frustration at being unable to perform and clarified that she would never choose to be in a hospital bed instead of doing what she loves on stage. TMZ reports that this was the first time Miley had been prescribed this drug, so she was not aware of her allergies. Miley apologized to her fans in Kansas and promised to make it up to them.

Under the weather: Miley, shown earlier this month during a concert in Michigan, has not been feeling well recently

Miley Cyrus has been feeling unwell lately and was hospitalized. She tweeted that she’s under good care and shared a selfie from the hospital. According to her memoir, Miley was born with a hole in her heart, which causes her heart rate to increase quickly. InTouch reported that Miley suffers from tachycardia, a condition where the heartbeat is faster than normal, and a doctor warns that it could lead to a stroke if she continues to party. Recently, Miley cancelled a show in North Carolina just 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start.

She was in fine form just days ago: On April 12 in Auburn Hills wearing a green pot leaf costume

Just a few days ago, Miley Cyrus was seen wearing a green pot leaf costume in Auburn Hills, looking fabulous. However, she has been diagnosed with the flu and advised by doctors to rest, causing the cancellation of her Bangerz tour date at the Time Warner Cable arena. Unfortunately, some fans had already arrived for the concert and were turned away. Refunds are being offered for tickets purchased online or by phone. Miley has tweeted about her flu-like symptoms on Sunday and Monday, which is the latest issue she’s faced while still in mourning over the death of her dog Floyd. It’s believed that Floyd was attacked by a coyote in Los Angeles while Miley was on tour.

Feeling sick: Myley tweeted on Sunday that she had a cough and sore throat

Myley posted a tweet last Sunday, indicating that she was experiencing discomfort due to a cough and a sore throat.

She's sick: Miley tweeted on Monday about having a fever

Miley took to Twitter on Monday to share that she’s feeling unwell and is running a fever.

Tough month: Miley, shown in New York City earlier this month with puppy Moonie, also has been coping with the recent death of her beloved dog Floyd

Miley Cyrus has had a challenging month, dealing with the loss of her cherished pet dog Floyd while photographed around New York City with her new puppy Moonie.

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