“Miley Cyrus Praises Little Sister Noah as the Ultimate Pop Star, Sporting a Chic Midi Dress and Fedora”

Miley Cyrus has come a long way from her rebellious days, which she says were a means to break free from her childhood spent filming Hannah Montana with her father. During her appearance on the Elvis Duran show in New York on Tuesday, the 24-year-old singer exuded elegance and style with her mature outfit that was accentuated by unique accessories. Her ensemble proved that simplicity can be stunning and eye-catching.

Looking good! Miley Cyrus rocked a flirty midi dress as she arrived at the Elvis Duran show in New York on Tuesday

Miley Cyrus looked absolutely stunning as she showed up at the Elvis Duran show in New York on Tuesday. The pop sensation was spotted sporting a gorgeous midi dress that perfectly matched her flirty personality.

'Noah's so cool': The songstress gushed about her little sister Noah, 17, during the interview

In an interview, the singer expressed her admiration for her younger sister, Noah, who she thinks is really cool. Despite showing some skin with a low-cut neckline, the singer remained modest in her ditsy print midi dress that grazed her calves, showing off her toned and tanned legs that she paired with floral mules. The singer added glamour to her outfit with a brown fedora hat, monochrome band, and a scarlet neckerchief. Completing her ensemble, she carried a denim jacket and dove grey cardigan alongside her denim Chanel shopper.

'She wore this visor and it was so cool 'cus she just looked like the pop star that I've always wanted to be' Miley raved about her sibling's cool look at a recent concert

Miley was impressed by her sister’s stylish visor at a recent concert, exclaiming that it made her look like the pop star Miley herself aspires to be.

Family affair: Miley got to support Noah as she performed at the Wango Tango Music Festival in Carson, California last week. The sisters are pictured on stage with mother Tish

It was a heartwarming family moment as Miley came out to support her sister Noah’s performance at the Wango Tango Music Festival held in Carson, California. The trio was captured on stage together with their mother Tish, making it a memorable event for everyone involved.

The celebrity confessed that she attempts to portray the role of a cold and unsympathetic older sister who belittles her sibling, saying things like “Noah thinks she’s all that.” However, in reality, she actually admires her sister and thinks highly of her, as evidenced by her excitement when she watches Noah perform in the front row.

Performing: Miley was in the studio to promote her new single Malibu

Miley swung by the studio to chat with Elvis about her latest single, Malibu. During their conversation, Miley confessed that she thinks her younger sister, Noah, who is 17, is way cooler than her. While she tries to project an image of being a heartless and mean older sister who doesn’t think much of Noah, in reality, Miley can’t help but admire her sister’s style and talent. Miley recently had the chance to see Noah perform at the Wango Tango Music Festival in California, where she was blown away by her sister’s stage presence and cool fashion sense. According to Miley, Noah looked like the pop star she’s always wanted to be, and Miley even admitted to wearing a similar visor herself at the VMAs.

Chic and cheerful: After speaking about her teenage rebellion, Miley Cyrus proved she was through with her wild phase as she cut a stylish yet elegant figure in New York on Tuesday

Fashionable and lively: Miley Cyrus showcased her transition from rebellious teenager to a mature adult as she flaunted a chic and joyful look in New York City on Tuesday.

Looking good! Proving that less is more, the 24-year-old singer turned heads in her mature ensemble, which she jazzed up with quirky accessories

Impressive appearance! The 24-year-old vocalist caught everyone’s attention with her elegant outfit, which she spiced up with unconventional accessories. Miley Cyrus shared how she was in awe of a pop star and considered herself a fan. On the other hand, she disclosed that her younger sister doesn’t seek fashion advice from her as she finds it repulsive. However, Miley noticed that her sibling tends to copy her style secretly. For instance, they both own a rainbow light and a pink cactus, but her sister hides it from her, and even bought a polaroid camera after seeing Miley’s collection.

Chic: Miley looked great

Take a peek! The singer was seen wearing a charming printed midi dress with a modest yet revealing neckline that showcased her décolletage. She recently confessed to snooping around in someone’s room and stealing items, which she finds odd because it goes against her usual behavior. She opened up about her wild past during an interview on the Zach Sang Show in Hollywood where she discussed her time on the Disney show, Hannah Montana. Unlike most people, she did not have a typical school experience as she went to work with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, daily from ages 11 to 18, which was difficult for her.

Leggy lady! Grazing her calves, the gown revealed a flash of her tanned and toned pins, which she elongated with a pair of floral mules

The woman had long legs that were visible due to the dress grazing her calves. Her tanned and toned pins were highlighted by a pair of floral mules, which made them appear even longer.

We fedora her look! Injecting some further glamour, Miley also wore a brown fedora cap with a monochrome band, as well as a scarlet neckerchief

Miley Cyrus added some extra glam to her look by wearing a stylish brown fedora with a monochrome band and a bold red neckerchief. She shared that during her younger years, she spent a lot of time with her dad and grandma, who even taught her how to drive. However, as she turned 18, she felt the need to break free from their constant presence, which is why she turned to twerking at the Juicy J show. This behavior marked her transformation from her Disney image to a more sexually explicit persona while promoting her album Bangerz in 2013. She even shocked audiences by smoking cannabis onstage at the MTV EMAs. Although she broke up with her fiance Liam Hemsworth in the same year, they eventually reconciled in 2016, and their engagement is now back on for a second time.

Finishing touches: Miley finished off the look by clutching a denim jacket and dove grey cardigan alongside her denim Chanel shopper as she posed in the radio studios 

Miley completed her outfit by pairing a denim jacket and dove grey cardigan with her denim Chanel bag while striking poses at the radio station.

Hitting all the high notes: Miley looked pretty in her pattern dress with a low neckline; pictured on Tuesday performing at SiriusXM in NYC

Hitting all the high notes: Miley looked pretty in her pattern dress with a low neckline; pictured on Tuesday performing at SiriusXM in NYC

Miley Cyrus nailed her performance at SiriusXM in NYC on Tuesday, donning a stunning patterned dress with a daring low neckline that perfectly complemented her beauty.

Stunner: The beauty changed her shoes to white lacy heels and took off her red bandanna

The gorgeous lady swapped her footwear to some lacy white heels and removed her red bandanna.

Natural beauty: Miley posed with bright balloons before performing on the radio show

Miley Cyrus was captured posing amongst vibrant balloons just prior to her appearance on a radio show, showcasing her natural beauty.

Beaming: Miley posed with a big grin on her face while holding tight to a colorful accessory

Miley was all smiles in her picture, clutching onto a vibrant ornament with joy.

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