Italian Adventures in Fashion: Selena Gomez’s Must-Have Summer Sandals

POPSUGAR’s team loves and recommends products, and they may receive a commission if you purchase something through their suggestions. Selena Gomez is enjoying her summer with a trip to Italy, and she has packed all the necessary items such as maxi dresses, sandals, and a classic straw hat. After celebrating her 27th birthday in Rome, Selena was spotted in Capri wearing a beige dress with a ruffled neckline. To complete her look, she wore gold hoop earrings, a boater hat from Lack of Color, and coveted Ancient Greek block heel sandals. Selena’s shoe collection is to-die-for, and she often wears towering sandals, espadrilles, slides, sexy stilettos, or lace-up thigh-high boots. To follow in Selena’s stylish footsteps, check out more photos of her vacation outfits and grab a pair of her favorite shoes.

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