Introducing the Senior Cat Who Overcame Blindness and Found a Loving Home at 13

While surfing the Cats Protection website in July 2015, Kat stumbled upon Barney, a 13-year-old blind cat. As she saw his age and condition, she realized that not many people would be interested in adopting him. But for Kat, he was the perfect feline companion.

Kat was immediately captivated by the charming senior cat named Barney, who had a striking mustache. She arranged a visit to the adoption center to meet him and was touched when she found him hiding in a corner, seeking comfort from his foster mom’s sweater. Sadly, Barney seemed scared and disoriented as his previous caretaker had returned him to the center for Kat to meet him.

The senior cat, Blind Barney, was initially defensive when approached by Kat due to being in a new and unfamiliar environment. He couldn’t see the other cats around him but could hear their meows, causing him to hiss. However, Kat didn’t let this discourage her and instead tried to gain Barney’s trust by offering him treats. Despite Barney’s weakness for Dreamies, he still resumed his hissing behavior after eating them.

@blindbarney_thecat on Instagram shares a heartwarming story of a senior cat with special needs finding his forever home. Despite the hesitation of other potential adopters, Kat took a chance and confidently welcomed Barney into her home. The transformation in Barney’s behavior was instant as he rode home quietly in his carrier. Kat knew right away that she had made the perfect choice in giving Barney the love and care he needed.

Barney is a blind cat who has been living in his owner Kat’s London apartment for almost five years. He has adapted well to his new environment and now lives with Kat in a house with stairs. Although Kat was initially concerned about Barney falling down the stairs or getting stuck, he has proven to be self-sufficient and capable of navigating the house without any issues. Kat uses a baby gate when she is out of the house and avoids moving the furniture around to prevent disrupting Barney’s mental map of the house. Despite being blind, Barney is a happy cat who loves sleeping and eating Dreamies cat treats. Kat hopes that more people will consider adopting cats with special needs like Barney.

According to Kat, who posted a photo of her cat named Blind Barney on Instagram, more individuals should consider adopting disabled pets because they are just as fantastic as any other pet. These animals possess their own characteristics and exclusive approaches to doing things that make them extraordinary.

While originally not in the market for a senior or special needs cat, Kat fell in love with Barney and couldn’t imagine her life without him. Despite being blind and a senior, Barney brings immense happiness and comfort to Kat’s life. She feels lucky to have such a wonderful companion who makes her feel better just by seeing his happy face. Barney means everything to her.

Discover more about this charming feline by giving a follow to Barney on his Instagram account. Check out his adorable photos and get to know him better!

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