Miley Cyrus drenches herself in ‘Drake’s tears’ and throws ‘holy water’ at her haters in fierce new bikini snaps

Miley Cyrus has been treating her fans with some stunning poolside photographs on Instagram. The pictures feature the pop star flaunting her curves in a stylish Dior bikini and accessorizing her look with multiple chain necklaces and diamond chokers. The series of photographs were clicked by Alice Moitié and show Miley relaxing by the swimming pool as well as posing in the desert. Moreover, the captions accompanying the Friday posts were particularly humorous and witty.

Drenched: Miley delighted her fans with another sexy bikini shot on Friday - with a cheeky caption - from her shoot with Alice Moitié

Miley Cyrus made her fans happy yet again by sharing a sexy photo of herself in a bikini on Friday. The picture was taken during her shoot with Alice Moitié and she can be seen pouring water over her body while sitting in a pool. Miley also added a cheeky caption to the image, mentioning Drake’s Instagram handle and saying she was drenching herself in his tears. In another photo from the same shoot, Miley sat on a plastic chair and threw water at someone off to the side of the shot. She used the caption to address her haters and said that she was using holy water on them. Recently, Miley has been posting some of the first images from her sexy shoot and has been getting a little raunchy in her captions. In one of her posts, she even asked her followers how wet she made them feel.

Take that: Miley threw holy water at her haters in this second snap she shared of her on a plastic chair in her Dior two-piece

Check this out: In another photo shared by 26-year-old Miley, the singer can be seen sitting on a plastic chair while sporting her Dior swimsuit. To show her disdain for those who criticize her, she even playfully threw holy water at them.

Sitting pretty: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker wore more clothes for this snap as she sat in the desert in a metallic blue two-piece outfit

Looking fabulous: Miley Cyrus opted for a more covered-up look in this photo, wearing a stylish metallic blue two-piece while lounging in the desert.

Pool time: Miley posted three photos where she was in a swimming pool on Wednesday

Time for a dip in the pool: Miley shared a series of pictures from the session earlier this week.

The siren made a comment about ‘drippin’ and shared a photo of her reaction to fans pushing for new music. She emphasized the importance of not rushing perfection and teased that something is on its way. The actress appeared glamorous with her dark eyeliner and bold lipstick while slicking back her hair from the pool water. She enjoyed swimming and was seen doing the backstroke.

Naughty lady: The wife of Liam Hemsworth also got a little raunchy in her captions. In one the openly bisexual star said, 'How wet I make you b****es'

Cheeky woman: Liam Hemsworth’s spouse didn’t hold back with her captions, adding a touch of sauciness to her posts. The star, who is open about her bisexuality, even went as far as saying, ‘I wonder how much I turn you on, ladies.’

Yesterday, she was caught on the phone dripping in jewels, asking her dad for some dough to catch her girl’s performances this summer. In addition to the flashy phone call, she also recently shared a risqué photo of herself rocking nothing but a yellow hat. With festival season in full swing, she declared herself ready to party and enjoy summer 2019 as an openly queer individual. These latest snapshots follow her recent interview on RuPaul’s podcast, where she opened up about her first kiss.

In the swim: The Last Song star was heavily made up with dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick with her hair slicked back from the water

Splashing around: The actress from The Last Song was adorned with heavy eye makeup and striking red lipstick, while her hair was pulled back from the water.

Her statement: Cyrus shared a nude photo of herself to Instagram on Tuesday. She wrote in her caption, 'Festival season is here, I'm queer and ready to party! Lets go summer 2019'

In a recent move, Cyrus uploaded a picture of herself in the nude on Instagram. Alongside the picture, she wrote, ‘It’s festival season and I’m all set to party! Let’s make summer 2019 a memorable one.’

During a podcast interview, the Tennessee-born singer and actress Miley Cyrus shared a personal experience from her adolescence. She mentioned that her first kiss was with a girl in middle school, but that this was not widely accepted in her hometown of Nashville. Despite this, she had a relationship with the girl, which contributed to her advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights throughout her career. Miley has been vocal in her support for the community, even during her time as a Disney Channel star on Hannah Montana. According to her, she was one of the only kids on the network who openly supported her gay friends, which was always important to her. Recently, Miley appeared as a guest judge in the 11th season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race, praising the program’s emphasis on self-acceptance.

Casually clad: Miley was spotted out on Friday in the Studio City neighborhood of LA

Miley was seen wearing casual attire while out in the Studio City area of Los Angeles on Friday.

In addition to sexuality, the significance of a show lies in what it represents – being true to oneself. It is not necessarily linked to whom one loves, but rather loving oneself more than anyone else. Miley Cyrus, who recently married actor Liam Hemsworth, spoke to Vanity Fair about how their relationship redefines what it means for a queer person like herself to be in a heterosexual relationship. Cyrus identifies as queer, and her pride and identity are closely tied to this aspect of herself. She believes that contemporary relationships and partnerships are not necessarily determined by sexuality or gender, as these factors are relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Happy: The pop superstar and her husband at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in February

Ecstatic: The famous singer and her beau, Liam, were captured on camera attending the Vanity Fair Oscar bash back in February.

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