“From Pop Star to Fashionista: Miley Cyrus Rocks a Bunny Jumper and Denim Shorts on TV Show”

It’s pretty obvious that Miley Cyrus has a thing for out-of-the-box fashion, and she certainly didn’t disappoint her followers as she made her way to the shoot of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood. She sported a dazzling gemstone outfit, along with a quirky bunny sweater and Levi’s cut-off shorts. Take a look at the video down below for a more detailed view.

Happy bunny: Miley Cyrus was dressed in a way fans have come to expect as she made her way to film Jimmy Kemmel Live in Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon

Miley Cyrus, the popular singer, was seen wearing her usual outfit while on her way to the filming of Jimmy Kemmel Live in Hollywood one Wednesday afternoon. Her fans were thrilled to see her in Nike Air Jordan retro 4 GS trainers that accentuated her long and slender legs. With blonde hair styled in dreadlocks and heart and star stickers as part of her makeup, she looked stunning. Miley even took time out to interact with her fans, signing autographs and taking pictures before appearing on the show. During the interview, she expressed her excitement about hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

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Agnetha Faltskog, who is 73 years old, has given a subtle indication about the possibility of an ABBA reunion. She is set to present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Kanye West at an upcoming awards ceremony.

Fluro style: The singer stepped out in a multi-coloured gemstone outfit as she teamed a quirky rabbit jumper paired with Levi’s shorts

The singer chose a vibrant gemstone outfit, which she paired with a cute sweater featuring a rabbit and Levi’s shorts. The overall appearance was distinct with its fluorescent style. Have a look at the above gallery to see pictures.

Wild child: She completed the looked with Nike Air Jordan retro 4 Gs trainers, leaving her slim legs on display

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Wild child: She completed the looked with Nike Air Jordan retro 4 Gs trainers, leaving her slim legs on display

The carefree young lady enhanced her ensemble by matching it with a pair of Nike Air Jordan retro 4 Gs sneakers, accentuating her slim legs. Have a look at the pictures showcased in the gallery!

Quirky style: The blonde star had her hair swept back and added dreaded blonde extensions, while she added to her make-up look with eye-catching heart and star stickers

The famous blonde personality decided to switch up her hairstyle by adding blonde dreadlocked extensions and jazzing up her makeup look with heart and star stickers. She cracked a joke, hoping not to be pushed offstage while performing. During a recent interview with Marie Claire, Miley revealed her struggles playing Hannah Montana on the Disney show. Being pressured to fit the stereotypical image of a pop star from a young age, she faced body image issues due to the show’s standards, which required her to have long blonde hair and wear tight, glittery outfits. This standard greatly impacted her self-esteem.

Entourage: The fan favourite stopped to sign autographs and posed for pictures before she appeared on the show and revealed her excitement at hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday

Sporting a cheerful expression, the adored Entourage actress paused to spread joy among her followers by granting autographs and posing for pictures prior to making an eagerly-awaited appearance on the program. She conveyed her enthusiasm for being the host of the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards scheduled for Sunday.

I'mma let you finish: She's scheduled to present the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Kanye West at the awards ceremony

Here’s the latest news: Kanye West will be receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the upcoming awards ceremony. Interestingly, the presenter of this award is the same person who gained notoriety for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech in the past.

Smile for the camera: All eyes will be on Miley to see what wild antics she'll pull for the award show

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Smile for the camera: All eyes will be on Miley to see what wild antics she'll pull for the award show

The upcoming award show is expected to be quite a spectacle, with all eyes on Miley and her potential wild antics. However, despite her on-stage persona, Miley has been working hard behind the scenes for her latest project, putting in long hours on set. To keep her energy up, she has resorted to having coffee forced down her throat. Interestingly, playing a 16-year-old character with heavy makeup and a wig made her feel like a participant on the reality TV show “Toddlers & Tiaras.”

Despite her busy schedule, Miley has also been actively involved in her non-profit organization, the Happy Hippie Foundation, which provides assistance to the LGBT and homeless youth communities. Furthermore, rumors are swirling that she may be romantically involved with Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell, as the two were recently caught kissing in a video.

Thumbs up: The pop star give her signature tongue out pose for fans taking pictures

The well-liked vocalist brought joy to her supporters by flashing her trademark tongue-out stance while they took pictures of her. A series of snapshots documented the moment and featured them in an exhibit, highlighting the star’s carefree and amusing character.

Charity: Meanwhile, Miley has been working hard on her non-profit organization dedicated to aiding LGBT and homeless youth – the Happy Hippie Foundation

Miley Cyrus has been actively engaged in her philanthropic pursuits through the Happy Hippie Foundation. The foundation aims to support the marginalized youth, primarily the homeless and LGBT community. Her unwavering commitment towards this cause has garnered appreciation, as she continues to make a substantial difference in the lives of those who are in dire need of assistance.

Taken? She is also rumoured to be romancing Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell, after the two were caught on video kissing passionately

Are they now a couple? Many are speculating that there could be a potential romance brewing between her and Stella Maxwell, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, after a video of them sharing a kiss has surfaced.

Flower power: The star shared a snap on Instagram before she hit the set

On Instagram, Miley Cyrus grabbed the spotlight with her distinctive fashion sense. She shared a picture of herself donning a rabbit sweater and denim shorts right before going to the set. As usual, her style made a bold statement and stood out from the crowd.

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