Exclusive Snapshots: Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus’ Steamy Hawaiian Rendezvous with Beachy Vibes

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s love life has been a topic of discussion lately, especially after he got involved with Miley Cyrus. However, the 21-year-old seems to be head-over-heels in love with the pop-star as they were seen enjoying a romantic day on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Patrick was seen lifting his petite girlfriend and carrying her on his back as they frolicked in the warm tropical waters.

Turning on the heat: Patrick Schwarzenegger could not keep his hands off the bikini clad Miley Cyrus on Wednesday in Hawaii

In Hawaii, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus were seen enjoying each other’s company as they frolicked in the warm waters. Miley looked stunning in a black bikini and a floppy hat that complemented her toned physique. On the other hand, Patrick kept it casual in grey swim trunks that showed off his chiseled abs and chest. The couple appeared to be having a great time as they laughed and playfully flirted with each other. Their chemistry was evident as they kneeled in the beautiful ocean, basking in each other’s company.

Making a splash: The pair were spotted on Wednesday frolicking in the warm tropical waters as Patrick lifted the petite 22-year-old onto his back as he splashed into the surf

Enjoying the sea: On a sunny Wednesday, two individuals were seen having fun in the tropical waters. Patrick playfully carried the young 22-year-old on his back and together they splashed around in the ocean.

Legging it: The pop star wore a black two-piece bikini for the day at the beach

Legging it: The pop star wore a black two-piece bikini for the day at the beach

Going for a jog: The famous singer opted for a black bikini set during her beach outing.

Hands on: The 22-year-old could not take his eyes off 22-year-old Miley

Getting hands-on: The young man was completely captivated by the beauty of his peer, Miley, who was also 22 years old.

Off we go! The two skipped through the surf arm-in-arm

Let’s hit the beach! The duo frolicked in the waves, holding hands and enjoying the salty water. Before that, Miley was spotted sporting denim shorts over her swimsuit for a casual stroll in the park, paired with Nike trainers. Meanwhile, Patrick opted for cut-off sweatpants, a loose-fitting shirt, and some shoes, trading his swim trunks for comfort. Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s offspring kept brushing his hair out of his face, looking as carefree as ever.

It'll look better on you! Miley whipped off her hat with an eye to style her beau

“Hey, try wearing this hat, it’ll suit you better!” Miley said as she took her hat off and handed it to her partner, trying to add a touch of fashion to his look.

Cowboy up! The scion of the Terminator slipped on the topper

Let’s embrace our inner cowboy spirit! The offspring of the iconic Terminator stumbled while putting on his hat.

In love: The newly bearded young man was clearly smitten with his companion

Head over heels: The fresh-faced guy with a new beard was obviously infatuated with his partner.

Come here, girl! Patrick pulled in his lady love for a hug

“Hey, you!” Patrick called his girlfriend over and embraced her with open arms. As they walked together, Miley and Patrick held hands and cherished each other’s presence, laughing and conversing on their scenic walk. The couple was enjoying a tropical holiday, which followed Miley’s controversial and bold photoshoot for V Magazine that left audiences stunned.

Looking fit: The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off his muscular beach body

Looking fit: The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off his muscular beach body

Sporting a toned physique: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s offspring flaunted his chiseled form by the seaside.

Up you go! The young man picked up his girl while splashing around in the surf

The man playfully lifted his girlfriend as they frolicked in the waves.

Running in! The duo careened into the white water, creating a bit of foam spray

Entering the water! The pair plunged into the frothy waves, causing a spray of foam.

Like Poseidon: The handsome and bearded man came from the sea looking like a god

Resembling Poseidon, a striking and bearded man emerged from the sea with god-like features. Meanwhile, a series of Polaroid pictures captured Miley in titillating positions and displaying full-frontal nudity. These candids were taken by her close friend Cheyne Thomas while she was in the midst of her Bangerz tour, and they showcase Miley’s idiosyncratic way of passing the time between performances in various countries such as Helsinki and Argentina. Despite her Hannah Montana character still appealing to a younger demographic, Miley has moved on from her Disney star days.

Give me a ride! Miley tugged on Patrick's shoulders

“Hey, can you take me for a spin?” Miley playfully pulled on Patrick’s shoulders.

Up and away: The Wrecking Ball singer jumped into the surf

Off she went: Miley Cyrus, the talented singer behind Wrecking Ball, took a plunge into the sea.

That's better: Patrick gave her ride into the sea

Improved: Patrick offered her a lift to the ocean.

Ready to dive in! The star waded into the warm tropical waters

Excited to begin! The celebrity stepped into the inviting tropical sea.

Okay, let's get ready: Miley tugged on her hat as if preparing to go a bit deeper with her man

Alright, let’s buckle up: Miley adjusted her hat as if she was about to delve into a more intimate moment with her partner. She has definitely worked hard to shed her innocent-girl persona, going from swinging unclothed on a wrecking ball to dancing suggestively with teddy bears onstage. Recently, the former child actress shared a picture on Instagram of a woman with her hand deeply tucked in her shorts. Her caption read, “One self-pleasure session per day keeps negativity at bay.”

Don't quote me: The star made a funny gesture with her hands

Please don’t use my words as a direct quotation, but I must mention that the celebrity in question amused the crowd with a comical hand gesture.

What you looking at? Miley's derriere became the centre of attention for a moment

Hey there, what’s caught your gaze? Miley’s backside briefly stole the spotlight.

Help! She leaped into her boyfriend's arms upon entering the water

Assistance required! As soon as she dipped her toes in the water, she jumped into her boyfriend’s embrace.

Here you go: The two appeared to fall into the white water

Here’s your paraphrased content: It seemed like the duo plunged into the frothy and bubbly rapids.

One more time! Miley hopped once again on her beau's shoulders

Once again, Miley climbed onto her boyfriend’s shoulders, causing some speculation amongst the Kennedy family. However, dating pop stars is not new to the Kennedys as Conor dated Taylor Swift last year and was embraced more warmly by the family. Miley and Patrick are frequently seen together, with Patrick even attending Miley’s sister’s 15th birthday party.

Earlier that day: The two enjoyed a more fully clothed affectionate walk

Earlier in the day, the couple had a lovely stroll where they showed affection while being fully dressed.

Reading the signs: Patrick held his girlfriend's hand as she chatted animatedly

Patrick clasped his girlfriend’s hand tightly while she was talking excitedly, trying to interpret the subtle cues from her gestures and expressions.

Reunited in Los Angeles: The pair was seen enjoying a meal together on Thursday after returning to the mainland.

In a romantic gesture, Miley wrapped her arm around her significant other as they strolled together.

In November, the couple announced their relationship and they celebrated New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas with Arnold, her boyfriend’s father. Miley has expressed her affection for her boyfriend by calling him “da best bf eva.” Recently, she posted a picture on Instagram wearing a black top with the phrase, “I’m in love with the coco,” which is a reference to O.T. Genasis’ song about selling cocaine. The caption of the photo read “& da best bf eva stwikes againnnn (sic).”

Another big endorsement: : MAC Cosmetics launched VIVA GLAM with Miley Cyrus in LA

MAC Cosmetics has recently launched their new VIVA GLAM line in Los Angeles featuring the one and only Miley Cyrus. This is a significant endorsement for the brand and showcases their commitment to providing high-quality cosmetics to their customers.

That's one big pizza pie! The star posed next to what was perhaps one of the world's biggest cheese pizzas

Wow, that pizza is enormous! The celebrity was seen standing next to what could easily be one of the largest cheese pizzas in the world.

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