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Elton John recently dubbed her as ‘the sexiest woman in the world’, but Miley Cyrus proved that she’s also a fashion icon as she went shopping in Studio City, California. The 25-year-old singer looked effortlessly stylish in a white top paired with a form-fitting black slip dress that flattered her slim physique. She spent the day soaking up the sun while flaunting her impeccable fashion sense.

Casual day: Miley Cyrus, 25, cut an effortlessly stylish figure as she was enjoyed a spot of shopping in Studio City, California

Miley Cyrus, who is 25 years old, appeared effortlessly stylish during a leisurely shopping trip in Studio City, California. She walked alone at a relaxed pace, enjoying the moment. Miley looked absolutely stunning in her monochrome outfit, pairing a midi-length dress with funky lace-up flats. She styled her blonde hair into a casual high ponytail and wore heart-shaped sunglasses to protect herself from the sun. Recently, music icon Elton John expressed his love for Miley, calling her ‘the sexiest lady in the whole wide world’.

Looking good: The American songstress dressed her slender frame in a white top and clingy black slip dress for her day in the sunshine

Appearing chic: The talented female vocalist donned a white blouse and a tight-fitting black slip gown to showcase her svelte figure during her time basking under the sun.

He's a fan! Her sighting comes after she was labelled as 'the sexiest lady in the whole wide world' by Elton John

The celebrity in question has been spotted by a fan! This happened shortly after Elton John dubbed her ‘the sexiest lady in the world’ during an interview on Beats 1 with Apple Music. He couldn’t stop talking about her, highlighting how talented and gorgeous she is. Lady Gaga also caught his attention, and he considers her one of his closest friends. Elton admires her loyalty and unique personality, stating that she’s one of the most talented individuals he has ever met. Her carefree attitude and individuality are what he loves most about her, as she’s unapologetically herself.

Sexy: Talking animatedly about the Wrecking Ball songstress, Elton said: 'She's 25 years of age, and boy is she sexy, and boy is she talented, and boy do I love her'

Elton John praised Miley Cyrus for her talent and sex appeal during a discussion about her song Wrecking Ball. He also expressed his admiration for Ed Sheeran’s cover of Candle In The Wind, stating that he didn’t expect anyone to take it on, but Sheeran had the courage to do so. Elton described Sheeran’s version as reminiscent of Crosby, Stills & Nash from the late 1960s/early 1970s, with production by Peter Asher, and found it absolutely beautiful. The album features a variety of A-list musicians, including Florence + The Machine and Miley Cyrus, who each offer their own interpretation of Elton’s phenomenal discography. Some of the standout tracks include Tiny Dancer performed by Florence + The Machine and The B***h Is Back sung by Miley Cyrus.

A new project is underway featuring Miley Cyrus and other acclaimed musicians interpreting the incredible discography of Elton John. This collaboration comes at an opportune time as Elton has recently expressed his excitement for upcoming talent during a BBC Radio 5 interview. He shared his admiration for new artists who are making waves with their music, citing Lorde’s debut album as a prime example of something that blew him away. According to Elton, the true artists are those who are performing live and building their fan base through their shows, rather than relying heavily on social media. He believes that these artists who write and perform authentic songs will have the biggest impact on the music industry’s future.

Priorities: Announcing his decision to retire, Sir Elton said his 'priorities have changed', adding that his sons Elijah and Zachary have changed his and husband David's lives (pictured in 2015)

Sir Elton recently revealed that he will be retiring from his career. He stated that his reasons for this decision are due to a change in priorities, particularly with regards to his family life. The singer cited his two sons, Elijah and Zachary, as having a profound impact on his and his husband David’s lives.

Elton made a big announcement in January about his upcoming Farewell Yellow Brick Road world tour. This tour will span over three years and include more than 300 shows across five continents. Elton stated that his priorities have shifted, and his two sons have changed his and David’s lives. When sitting down with a school schedule in 2015, he realized he didn’t want to miss out on important moments with his family. His family is now his top priority.

Final curtain: In January, Elton announced his epic Farewell Yellow Brick Road world tour, where he will spend three years saying goodbye to fans and play more than 300 shows

Elton made a big announcement in January about his upcoming Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. This tour will take him around the world for three years as he bids farewell to his beloved fans. He’s planning to perform over 300 shows, giving fans plenty of opportunities to see him one last time before he retires from touring.

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