“An Elegant Parisian Reunion: Angelina Jolie Stuns in a Striped Maxi Dress as She Meets Up with Her Godmother Jacqueline Bisset Years After Their Last Encounter”

Angelina Jolie, who has been occupied shooting for her upcoming action film Those Who Wish Me Dead, recently took a break from the set. She was spotted in Paris with her godmother Jacqueline Bisset, 74, and the two put on a glamorous display while strolling around. Angelina looked stunning in a white gown with striped details, while Jacqueline looked elegant in a red blazer and striped top. Interestingly, Jacqueline revealed that she hardly gets to meet Angelina.

A vision: Angelina Jolie, 44, took a break from set as she emerged in Paris alongside her godmother Jacqueline Bisset, 74, while putting on a glam display on Tuesday

Angelina Jolie and her godmother Jacqueline Bisset were spotted in Paris while the actress took a break from filming. Angelina was stunning in a white gown with unique stripe designs and had her hair styled in bouncy waves while wearing designer sunglasses. Meanwhile, Jacqueline looked effortlessly chic in white jeans, a breton striped top, and a perfectly tailored red blazer. Interestingly, Jacqueline previously mentioned that she rarely sees Angelina, but remains fascinated by her life like many others.

Here come the girls! The Mr And Mrs Smith star was a vision in a billowing white gown with striped details while Jacqueline looked elegant in a red blazer and striped top

Look who’s arrived, it’s the ladies! The stunning actress from Mr And Mrs Smith was a sight to behold in her flowing white dress that had stripes in just the right places. Meanwhile, Jacqueline looked absolutely graceful in her red blazer matched with a striped top.

Learnt it from the best? It seems Angelina has always been surrounded by grace

Did Angelina inherit her grace from the best? It appears that grace has always been a part of her life.

On the up: Speaking to The Telegraph in 2015, she went on: 'I’ve been thinking about her recently, all those operations she has had for her health'

During an interview with The Telegraph in 2015, she mentioned her recent thoughts about the person in question and how they have undergone numerous medical procedures to improve their health.

An honour: Speaking to The Telegraph in 2015, she went on: 'I’ve been thinking about her recently, all those operations she has had for her health'

A moment of pride: During an interview with The Telegraph back in 2015, she reflected on her thoughts about someone special. She mentioned how she had been pondering about the numerous medical procedures that this person has undergone for their well-being.

Back in 2013, Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy due to her discovery of a gene that could lead to breast cancer. Her mother had passed away from ovarian cancer in 2007, which prompted Jolie to make this decision. Her godmother, Jacqueline Bisset, had later spoken about Jolie’s health issues. In 2015, Bisset praised Jolie for her bravery and decisiveness to undergo the surgery, especially as a mother of six children. The two were close, and Bisset had fond memories of Jolie’s late mother. Recently, Jolie was seen in Paris wearing a casual grey jumper, white trousers, designer sunglasses, and nude stiletto heels. Her dark hair flowed down her shoulders in loose waves, completing her effortless look.

Radiant: Later on during the day Angelina slipped into a casual grey jumper and white trousers as she left the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, France

Later in the day, Angelina changed into a relaxed outfit, consisting of a grey jumper and white trousers, before leaving the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, France. She looked radiant as she stepped out into the city streets.

Beautiful: The star, who is currently filming for her upcoming action thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead, shielded her eyes with a pair of large designer sunglasses

Gorgeous: The celebrity, who is presently working on the set of her upcoming action movie Those Who Wish Me Dead, covered her eyes using a fashionable pair of oversized sunglasses.

A friendly wave: The actress sported a pair of nude stiletto heels as she stepped outside

With a friendly wave, the actress strutted out wearing some elegant nude stilettos.

Natural beauty: Angelina let her dark locks cascade down her shoulders in loose waves

Angelina looked stunning with her dark hair flowing freely down her shoulders in soft waves, highlighting her natural beauty.

In the capital: Fans looked on in awe as the radiant actress stepped across the street

In the city center: Onlookers gazed with admiration as the stunning actress gracefully walked across the busy road.

Looking good: The star couldn't help but smile as she spent the day in the French capital

Feeling great: The celebrity had a huge grin on her face while enjoying her time in the city of Paris.

Photo time: Angelina is currently taking a break in Paris

Excited: One fan approached the star for a photo

Posing for the camera, a well-known Hollywood celebrity who is presently enjoying her leisure time in Paris, decided to take a break to get some pictures clicked. In the past, she had taken care of certain aspects of Angelina’s life which was not an easy task. Jacqueline, who was also Angelina’s godparent, had met her while working with Jon Voight on a film directed by Maximilian Schell in Switzerland. Unfortunately, Schell passed away a few years ago. Jacqueline gained worldwide recognition from her remarkable performances in The Detective, Bullitt, and The Sweet Ride. Fans are eagerly anticipating Angelina’s return to the big screen in the highly-awaited Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Hair-raising: She wore her tresses in bouncy waves which tumbled past her shoulders while shielding her face from the bright sun with designer sunglasses

Thrilling: Her locks cascaded down her back in lively curls, bouncing with every step she took. To protect her eyes from the radiant sun, she sported chic designer shades.

Here come the girls! The elegant ladies oozed style and sophistication

Look out, because the ladies are on their way! These classy women exuded an air of refinement and chic fashion.

Stunner: She looked sensational as she emerged in the elegant gown

The sight was breathtaking as she stepped out wearing a sophisticated dress, stunning everyone in the room with her elegance.

Here come the girls! The ladies were out in glamorous force during the Parisian outing

Look out, it’s a girl’s night out! The women were all dolled up and looking fabulous during their trip to Paris.

Hey there! She was greeting her fans with a winning smile and an ingratiating wave

Hello! She greeted her followers with a charming grin and a friendly gesture.

Here come the girls! Jacqueline looked elegant as she nailed Parisian chic in white jeans, a breton striped top and a perfectly tailored red blazer

Look at these lovely ladies! Jacqueline appeared graceful in her Parisian-inspired outfit consisting of white denim pants, a breton striped shirt, and a flawlessly fitted red blazer.

Back in the day: Jacqueline found global stardom in classic hits The Detective, Bullitt and The Sweet Ride

In the past, Jacqueline gained worldwide fame from her iconic roles in popular movies like The Detective, Bullitt, and The Sweet Ride. The upcoming film, which serves as a continuation of the 2014 Sleeping Beauty adaptation, centers around the formidable sorceress Maleficent as she safeguards her adopted daughter Aurora, portrayed by Elle Fanning, and the mystical realm they reside in. According to a statement by Disney, Maleficent and Aurora’s bond has grown stronger over the years, despite the initial heartbreak, vengeance, and eventual love that brought them together. Nevertheless, the animosity between mankind and the enchanted creatures remains prevalent.

A helping hand: They were flanked by security while making their way through

Assistance provided: As they walked through, security personnel surrounded and escorted them.

Ready to go: Angelina's sighting comes as fans gear up to see her return to the screen once more in highly-anticipated Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Angelina Jolie’s appearance has been spotted, coinciding with the excitement of fans who are eagerly anticipating her return to the big screen in the highly-anticipated movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Hello! She was greeting her adoring fans as she stepped out in the French capital

Hey there! Upon her arrival at Paris, she warmly welcomed her enthusiastic supporters.

Glamming it up in style: The ladies were enjoying the bright sunshine in their elegant gowns

Looking fabulous with flair: The women were basking in the glorious sunshine donning their sophisticated dresses.

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